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Your Henryetta Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit central agency that works to improve the Henryetta business environment and build a better communtiy.

The purpose of your Henryetta Chamber of Commerce is to provide leadership, information and member services that sustain and enhance the economic environment and quality of life in our community.

Your Henryetta Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization of Henryetta area citizens and other interested individuals and businesses that invent their time and money in a unified development program.

Your Henryetta Chamber of Commerce also provides services and programs to address specific needs of small business, manufacturing, community development, tourism and education.

To accomplish that, your Henryetta Chamber of Commerce sponsors a number of events to entertian and delight the citizens of our community and entice visitors to our area.


The Henryetta Chamber of Commerce is looking for an Executive Director to handle the day-to-day activities.
The ideal candidate will be organized, outgoing, willing to work with individuals and businesses on a day to day basis and provide a positive image for the Chamber and the community of Henryetta. That person will be a leader and want to promote Henryetta through activities and events. This includes forming and working with committees, developing special events and promotions and budgeting for those activities.
Must have computer and general bookkeeping skills and be able to communicate clearly and effectively with others. 

Download a complete list of job duties HERE

Henryetta has 10 motels with 334 rooms available. The City of Henryetta Community Room in the Civic Center can accommodate 500 people.
Several churches in the Henryetta area house large rooms and meeting areas, but those are not generally available to the public.

Sales Taxes
bzdistThe total sales tax is Henryetta is currently 9.0%. The state levies a 4.5% tax rate, Okmulgee County levies a 0.5% tax rate, and the city levies a 4.0% tax rate on sales.


Public Safety
The City of Henryetta has 13 firefighters, 12 full-time police officers, and 4 reserve police officers.

Utility Providers
Utility services are primarily provided by the following carriers:
Electric –
AEP-PSO, 1-800-776-7001
East Central Oklahoma Electric Co-op., (918) 756-0833
Gas -
Natural Gas – Oklahoma Natural Gas Company, 1-800-664-5463
Propane Gas – Wilemon Oil Company, (918) 652-9118
Telephone – Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, 1-800-464-7928
Water/Sewer – City of Henryetta, (918) 652-3348
Sanitation – City of Henryetta, (918) 652-3348
Cable Television - Suddenlink Communications

Water System
jim hall lakeHenryetta has a 660 Acre Lake with a 4 million GPD capacity. Consumption does not exceed 1.9 GPD.


The City of Henryetta provides garbage service within the city limits.
The City of Henryetta currently operates a SBR Wastewater Treatment Plant with a 2.18 million GPD capacity. Consumption does not exceed 600,000 GPD.

Henryetta has one newspaper, the Henryetta Free-Lance, that publishes two times a week. There is also an online-only news source, Thehenryettan.com, that provides late-breaking news and photographic coverage. Henryetta also has satellite and cable television available through local carriers.

Satellite cable television available through local carriers. Henryetta has one large central office with digital switching and fiber optics service is provided by Southwestern Bell telephone utilizing a Northern Telecom DSM 100 switch which provides state of the art services features high-speed DSL available located within the Tulsa calling area.
Suddenlink Communications (suddenlink.com) provides cable television service to Henryetta and the area. It is the seventh largest cable operator in the United States.

Medical Facilities
hospitalThe Henryetta Medical Center staff includes nine active physicians living practicing full-time in 48 specialty visiting regularly nursing specially trained to assist elderly center meets wide variety health needs from family care orthopedics cardiology ophthalmology there are two chiropractors three dentists community as well strong facilities practitioners five clinics homes 52-licensed bed general acute IT JCAHO-accredited emergency room staffed with a physician 24 hours a day.

KI BOIS Area Transit System (KATS) is a rural public transportation system.  Operating a fleet of over 200 buses and vans that transport people to Senior Citizens Centers, grocery store, doctor and work.
KATS is available to anyone. KATS is not fully funded and therefore has to charge for services but costs are kept at a minimum to make access to the system easier.
KATS meets the ADA requirements of public transit providers.  KATS provides curb-to-curb or, based on special need, door-to-door, demand response transportation on specially equipped vehicles designed to accommodate persons with disabilities.

henryesta revisited
Audio tapes recovered from the time capsule have been digitized and are ready for your listening pleasure.
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A feature from your Henryetta Chamber of Commerce that highlights people and activities around our community.