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Your Henryetta Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit central agency that works to improve the Henryetta business environment and build a better communtiy.

The purpose of your Henryetta Chamber of Commerce is to provide leadership, information and member services that sustain and enhance the economic environment and quality of life in our community.

Your Henryetta Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization of Henryetta area citizens and other interested individuals and businesses that invent their time and money in a unified development program.

Your Henryetta Chamber of Commerce also provides services and programs to address specific needs of small business, manufacturing, community development, tourism and education.

To accomplish that, your Henryetta Chamber of Commerce sponsors a number of events to entertian and delight the citizens of our community and entice visitors to our area.


The Henryetta Chamber of Commerce is looking for an Executive Director to handle the day-to-day activities.
The ideal candidate will be organized, outgoing, willing to work with individuals and businesses on a day to day basis and provide a positive image for the Chamber and the community of Henryetta. That person will be a leader and want to promote Henryetta through activities and events. This includes forming and working with committees, developing special events and promotions and budgeting for those activities.
Must have computer and general bookkeeping skills and be able to communicate clearly and effectively with others. 

Download a complete list of job duties HERE

Henryetta began when Hugh Henry arrived in the area in 1885 and discovered coal in the creeks.
hughThe land where he pitched his tent belonged to the Creek Nation, one of the Five Civilized Tribes.
Since he was part Creek, he established his ranching operations using the coal he found to fire the forge of his smithy.
Those coal deposits came to the attention of businessmen back east and soon the St. Louis and San Francisco Railway, the Kansas, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad and the Okmulgee Norther Railway opened several active mines throughout the area.
A settlement called Furrs started next to the mining operations then, on August 28, 1900, a post office opened with the official name of Henryetta. The name came from resident Henry G. Beard and his wife, Etta. 
In 1901 a city government was formed and Olin Meacham served as the first Mayor.indian nation intersection
Coal, oil, natural gas, and agricultural products provided Henryetta's economic base. By 1909 a total of 14 coal mines produced 65,000 tons each month, with a reported $74,000 payroll flowing back into the town's economy.
In 1931 Henryetta claimed 23 industrial plants that included 12 coal mines, a broom factory, brick factories, and a bottling plant. During the late 1940s and early 1950s the Pittsburgh Plate Glass facility, the largest of its kind west of the Mississippi River, employed 900 people. At the same time, the Eagle-Picher Company utilized more than 700 workers to produce three-fourths of the free world's supply of the rare metal germanium.
Rodeo and famous rodeo cowboys and cowgirls are entrenched in the fabric of Henryetta's history. In fact, when you mention Henryetta, Oklahoma at the largest rodeos in in our nation, such as, Cheyenne, Wyoming's Frontier Days, the fans immediately begin to tell you about the rodeo heroes from the Henryetta area.

henryesta revisited
Audio tapes recovered from the time capsule have been digitized and are ready for your listening pleasure.
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A feature from your Henryetta Chamber of Commerce that highlights people and activities around our community.